Homemade Oatmeal Packets

I love when food is quick and easy in the morning. Who has time to cook breakfast and sit down and eat it before going to work? NOT ME!! I usually eat my breakfast when I get to work in the mornings, so I like something that is quick and simple to grab on the go or to pack ahead of time in my lunch box. One thing I found that was super simple to prepare ahead of time is homemade oatmeal packets. No, not the store bought oatmeal packets, but homemade. I know exactly what ingredients are going into them because I’m making them! No need to worry about what you’re eating! A while back I got the idea to make these homemade oatmeal packets from a post on Pinterest. But I decided to add a few other things to it. Not to mention that they are a lot healthier than store bought, but they are also more cost effective! I made these a while back but we were out of them so I am making another batch and decided to share about them with you!


               Ingredients and supplies:

                  ~(1) 42 oz. container of Oatmeal —- 1/2 cup per packet

                  ~Light Brown Sugar —- 2 TBSP. per packet

                  ~(1) can of Raisins —- 2 Spoonfuls per packet (or more depending on                                                                       preference)

                  ~(1) bag of chopped pecans —- 2 TBSP. per packet

                  ~(1) box of small snack Ziploc bags (you will end up using around 30)


                  ~Large mixing bowl

You will end up using the whole container of oatmeal. And will have leftover raisins, nuts, and brown sugar depending on the amount you use. These are just amounts we used, you can add more or less if you like. If you would like to double this recipe and make 60 packets, just buy 2 containers of oatmeal. Yields approximately 30 individual oatmeal packages!


1. Get out all ingredients and open them all up

2. Pour less than half of the oatmeal in a blender and blend until very finely chopped. It will look very dusty. That is what you want! (The first time I made these I did not do this step but it makes a huge difference!) This will give your oatmeal the same consistency as store bought packaged oatmeal.

3. In a large mixing bowl combined the chopped oatmeal with the remanding oatmeal and mix together.

4. Open all the Ziplok bags and fill each one with 1/2 cup of oatmeal. (Because you chopped up some it will not give you exactly 30 servings but close to it.

5. Then add the rest of your ingredients to each bag: raisins, brown sugar, and pecans. (You can substitute or take out any of these ingredients if you so choose. Those are just ones my husband and I like.)

6. Seal each bag tightly and store in an air tight container.

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